About Us


In order to cultivate the core competencies in medical expertise and to (provoke the spirit of serving and dedication in our students) promote the willingness in services and dedications of our students, CMU has formally established the Service Learning (SL) Center in 2008. Hou Man-Chen, Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmacy is serving as the Director of the Center, deploying with 2 staff members who are in charge of the relevant affairs of Service Learning. Meanwhile, CMU incorporated the Service Learning into the curriculum framework of Common and General Education in 2008, stipulating Service Learning as one of the compulsory subject of all students which is 0 Academic Credit / 48 hours (including 18 hours of specified courses, 12 hours of volunteer training, 18 hours of voluntary service).

Furthermore, to promote the Service Learning Courses effectively, CMU had set up the Service Learning Promotion Committee (SLPC), in which President Huang Rong – Tsuen has appointed the Vise President as the Chairman, Dean of Student Affairs as the Chief Executive, to form a Service Learning Curriculum Planning Group under the Common and General Education Committee, which shall assist planning the Service Learning Courses in all faculties and departments. At the end of each semester, the Curriculum Team in the Office of Academic Affairs will do the student opinion surveys to assess the effectiveness of teaching and learning. SL Center will also ask students to record their achievement and experience in the report of Service Learning, to evaluate and control the effectiveness and the quality of Service Learning Courses collectively.



By commencing courses combining professional knowledge and service learning, CMU expands students’ life vision. Through diversified service learning activities, we teach students to accept, appreciate and respect diverse cultures. Training students to develop their professional knowledge and abilities, hence they could provide direct medical-related professional services for socially disadvantaged groups, thereby establishing the students with the right values of life.


Framework of the SLPC

  1. Chairman of SLPC Vise President: Professor Jyh-Hong Chen
  2. Chief Executive of SLPC Dean of Student Affairs: Feng-Yao Tang
  3. Director of SL Center: Aassistant professor : Lu, Tzu-Li Our Members
    1. Overall management of various matters of SL Center
    2. Oversees the planning and implementation of courses relating to SL
    3. Promotes the integration of SL related matters and planning the annual events
  4. Contractual Staff
    1. Coordinate student bodies or service teams to exchange and publish the service results data regularly
    2. Responsible for matters related to Teachers Training Course
    3. Responsible for matters related to Volunteer Training and Voluntary Service
    4. Responsible for matters related to organizing meetings and integrations of data and documentations
    5. Responsible for registering SL volunteering hours and SL passports
    6. Assist in the planning and implementation of student SL activities
    7. Planning the Implementation of SL Course and its assessment guidelines
    8. Responsible for planning of SL Course and implementation guidelines of related courses
    9. Assist student bodies to develop off-campus society and fund applications and verifications
  5. Part-time Assistant
    1. Assisting the assigned affairs of Service Learning Center